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Coming to Rome

Hip hip hooray, my friend Bart is coming to visit me in Rome next weekend. Bart lives in Antwerp, Belgium with his boyfriend Gideon and their two cats, at 50 metres from where I lived until recently. Bart is blogging here.

The very flattering picture shows the two of us engaged in serious swimming back in February at a spa in Aachen, Germany where we went to celebrate his PhD.

He has agreed to post here next weekend, so that should be fun.

Posting Frenzy

I’ll finally be doing some posting that is actually about SEO. I’m 4 days off work so I’ll have plenty of time to blog, a little less tomorrow (1pm squash with my friend Katarina, 5 pm bikini wax and clean my appartment - hairdresser unfortunately fully booked).

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Google Wedding(s) ?

Google weddings?

I have heard confused rumours about Larry Page and / or Sergey Brin getting married (not to each other). Does this mean I have to take their pictures off my bed room wall? Just kidding! I’m secretely attracted to David Filo instead! )

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Bad hair day

I must must must must make an appointment with my hairdresser.

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I have officially become a nerd

It was about time I started this blog. I had a blog at blogger but decided to switch to wordpress because of the cool categories feature. Why is this woman opening a blog at 1.30 am on a Friday night, you’re thinking. Doesn’t she have anything better to do? In fact I do: Continue reading →