Ego surfing

I came across a really funny article in a back issue of a dutch newspaper about egosurfing.

At this point I couldn’t help myself and did a little ego research of my own only to find out that nobody writes about me. But then again, why would they?

Yahoo returned an ice cold “Did you mean [some other woman’s name]?” No! I mean me! The page goes on to list an old post by me on Rick Steves’ tourist scam forum from 2001, and 2 technorati tags. That’s all folks. returns a big fat zero ego points for my name and surname. Luckily, I get 500 ego points for my nickname Superzu. What a relief! Or is it? 500 points out of how many? 1,000? 1,000,000?

Google returns 74 results for my name and surname, the first 7 are actually about me and not about other people with the same last name:
1. a post in the LED archives from March 2006
2. my employer’s web site
3. my friend’s PhD dissertation acknowledgements
4. my profile at DMOZ from the days I was an editor there
5. my friend’s invitation to his PhD party
6 + 7 A listing in some obscure directory of web sites

The good thing about my ego googling is that I found out that there is a woman in Holland who bears my exact name. I’m actually thinking of emailing her saying “Hi [our name]! It’s [our name]! Let’s compare life stories being that we have so much in common!”

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